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My name is Jeff and you have finally found the website everyone is talking about. I am live on my high quality camcorder twice each week & I now feature other guys live on their cams as well. I will be featuring new guys from time to time so be sure to visit STR8cam often to see who is new. Everything is archived & downloadable for years of enjoyment. 10 years and counting! Join my site and you won't be disappointed!
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Purr Fect was an awesome bed show. I love being in the bedroom, humping my pillow, and kicking back on my bed before cumming. I started this video out with lots of butt and ass shots. Ended it with a thick load across my hairy chest.  Join Now to watch Purr Fect
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Purr Fect
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Purr Fect
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Purr Fect
I called this live show then video "Gym Class Hero" because 1 of my members told me I reminded him of a gym buddy that used to be in his class. He mailed me some tight gym shorts that showed my bulge off well.  Join Now and let me be your gym class hero
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Gym Class Hero
See all 193 pictures
Gym Class Hero
Let me be your gym class hero
Download Gym Class Hero
Ryan Russell is new to STR8cam. He contacted me a few weeks ago & wanted to do some webcam shows & videos for STR8cam. In this 34 minute show, Ryan starts out in his suit & ends up in his tie.  Join Now & watch Ryan Russell live on cam every Thursday night
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Smokin Suit
See Ryan Russell XXX in action
Smokin Suit
Watch Ryan Russell cum for you
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I now have my own jockstrap. I put my naked cock image on it and took a shit load of high quality large pics wearing it for you. I also wore it on cam and video a few times but just not in this photo shoot.  Join now for instant access to STR8cam and my jock
See all 250 high quality photos
My STR8cam Jockstrap
See my ass in my jock
My STR8cam Jockstrap
Watch me cum wearing my jockstrap
My STR8cam Jockstrap
Happy New Year. I just bought new glasses so I threw on my old ones one last time. I put on my new years hat and a new necklace I bought from wally world. I jerked my cock and brought my new year in right.  Join Now & start your new year off with a load
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Happy New Year
See all 105 pics
Happy New Year
Stroke your cock to a new year
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Merry Xmas. Every year I do a Christmas gift opening show. This year it came a little early and I came a little late... I opened up my gifts, tried some on, ate some, and then I squirt my xmas nut having fun.  Join Now and cum with me at Christmas
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Xmas Came Early
See all 111 photos
Xmas Came Early
Xmas has cum and gone
Download Xmas Came Early
I started out in my new COLT sheer boxer briefs. After giving my viewers what they wanted, I busted out my newest Fleshjack and lubed it up with some "fire lube". I fucked it hard until I blew my load everywhere.  Join Now & fuck your Feshjack while I fuck mine
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Hunka Burnin' Love
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Hunka Burnin' Love
Fuck your Fleshjack while I fuck mine
Download Hunka Burnin' Love
Christmas was nice. Presents, time off, and huge loads. For this show I dug out my Santa hat & put on some of my new "STR8cam Briefs". They fit great and looked good too. I showed off my hairy body and jerked my cock til Christmas came.  Join Now for instant access
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Happy Saint Dick
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Happy Saint Dick
Watch me cum wearing my Santa hat
Download Happy Saint Dick
For Halloween one of my members mailed me a green hulk mask. I put it on and started flexing and showing off my muscles. It was like I was feeling bigger and beefier and more muscular. I posed and threw shit around.  Join Now & watch me flex wearing my mask
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Monster Mass
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Monster Mass
Watch my monster cum
Download Monster Mass
Thanksgiving just ended and I did not cum for a few days. I was feeling dirty so I jumped in the shower to clean off. I washed off my body and then layed down on the floor to jerk one out before heading to work.  Join Now and scrub my body clean
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Shower Nudie Pics
These pics are big at 1024 by 768
Shower Nudie Pics
See me get wet and clean off
See my Shower Nudie Pics
Pumpkin pie is great! Pumpkin fucking is ever better!! Every year I find a new use for pumpkins. This year was the best yet. I cut 3 holes in my pumpkin and fucked it til the seeds fell out. The video ends with a huge mess.  Join Now to clean up my seeds and my mess
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Fucking Pumpkin Mess
See 204 pictures
Fucking Pumpkin Mess
57 minute video & 204 pics
Download Fucking Pumpkin Mess
I have never been to Scotland before. I always wanted to try on a kilt but I never had the opportunity until now. One of my members sent me a kilt and I was happy that it fit perfect and looked even better. I'm your Scottish Kilt Boy for the night. Join Now to look up my kilt
Watch the 31 minute video
Scottish Kilt Boy
See 158 pictures
Scottish Kilt Boy
31 minute video & 158 pics
Download Scottish Kilt Boy
COLT Studio sent me 4 new pairs of COLT Basics to wear at STR8cam. I let my viewers choose which 2 pairs they wanted to see me in. I put on my red COLT briefs and my white COLT jockstrap. The jock held my ass well and my load even better. Join STR8cam for more
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COLT Muscle Basics
See 140 pictures
COLT Muscle Basics
42 minute video & 140 pics
Download COLT Muscle Basics
Dirty boy! I just got back from the gym and it was time to get clean. I jumped in the tub and started scrubbing my body down with soap, spit, and lube. Watch me get soaked with water and cum. Join Now to help me get cleaned up
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Blue Speedos In The Tub
See 115 high quality images
Blue Speedos In The Tub
55 minute video & 115 pics
Wash my blue Speedos
I put my cam down low and my dick up high. I broke out my oral Fleshlight and fucked it in many positions after showing off my bulging cock that busted out of my Hanes underwear. Great video & pics. Join Now and fuck your Fleshlight while I fuck mine
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Up My Shaft
See 110 images
Up My Shaft
39 minute video & 110 pics
Join Now & get up my shaft
1 of my fans mailed me some new Ginch Gonch underwear. They had lots of stars on them and they fit nice and snug on my ass. I set the camera up looking down on me while I aimed my load towards the sky. Join Now and watch my shooting star explode.
139 photos
A Shooting Star
Watch me shoot my cum
A Shooting Star
My tight little Ginch Gonch
See all 139 images
One of my members is in the Navy and thought I looked like a guy on his base. He mailed me a full Navy dress uniform and I gladly wore it. This time I took photos while last time I did a video shoot. He sent me the full suit to include a Navy jockstrap. Join Now
200 high quality pics
White Navy Dress Uniform
Fulfill your Navy fantasy
White Navy Dress Uniform
U like my hat..? hehe
See all 200 pics
During my live cam shows I often get many requests to show my hole, spread my cheeks, show off my ass, and flex my butt. I wanted to take a good set of high quality non cam pics that really highlights my best assets. Enjoy "Butt & Ass". Join Now & watch me spread it
34 high quality pics
Butt And Ass
See my ass, hole, and butt
Butt And Ass
Bubble butt rump shaker
Butt And Ass
Lately I have been getting many new members join who want to see the tops of my feet, my soles, my toes, socks, shoes, heels, etc. I have been having many foot requests so I wanted to create a feet gallery with nothing but the best feet. Join Now & sniff em
35 high quality pics
My Feet
Watch me play with me feet live
My Feet
I'm a little ticklish at times
My Feet
In this update I show off my guns & wear tight skimpy mesh MalePower underwear. These bottoms barely fit my muscle butt & they looked even better with cum on them. Mail me your undies and I will wear them on cam for you. Join Now for more underwear fetishes
40 minute video
Male Power
124 photos
Male Power
40 minute video & 124 pics
Male Power
54 minute video & 80 photos
Wrestle My Bent Bar
75 high quality pictures
My Sweat Jockstrap
53 minutes in the tub & 132 pix
Baby Oil Muscle Bath
52 minute video & 125 pics
Awesome Aussiebums
Watch 43 minutes & 144 photos
Knock One Out
20 high quality photos
Ryan Russell Audition Pics
35 high quality images
Black Rips Briefs
40 minute FleshJack fuck & 145 pix
Happy Hump Day
52 high quality pictures
Yellow Bike Jockstrap
53 minute video & 142 pics
Nuttin But Goodies
15 high quality images
Comic Aussiebums 2RJ
41 minutes of jacking & 131 pictures
Muscle Flexin Mesh
46 minute handsfree cum & 188 pics
9/9/9 Handsfree Special
60 high quality photos
100 Percent Beef Jockstrap
135 Folsom 2009 pix
Folsom 2009
118 large high quality pics
Jockstrap Friday 92509
28 audition photos
Aden Stone Audition Pics
31 high quality images
Blendtec Special
7 high quality hairy pics
Lots Of Fur
36 minute video & 176 live cam caps
Torn Blue Bottoms
7 high quality images
42 minute video & 159 photos
Sweat Undergear
38 minute video & 128 live cam pics
Burnin Crotch
46 minute video & 206 pix
Muscle Jockstrap Cum
36 minute video & 145 photos
Lobster Boy
56 minute video & 211 shave pics
Shaved My Shaft
43 minute video & 159 images
Extra Muscles
16 high quality photos
Commando Friday 82109
40 minute muscle video & 163 pics
198 Lbs Of Muscle
24 minute video & 123 photos
Hit It And Quit It
 27 minute j.o video and 149 pics
Damon Danilo - A Little Bed Action
50 high quality photos
Condom Pics
52 minute video & 173 images
Spitting Down Under
 48 minute muscle video and 107 pix
Lots Of Muscle
47 minute video & 123 pics
Yellow Aussiebums
83 minute video & 95 images
Cristiano - All Dressed Up
 44 minute video and 155 pics
Feeling All Tingly
49 minute private show & 90 pix
Biceps and Biceps
64 minute video & 54 photos
First Cam Show - Cristiano
 Hot 39 minute video and 175 pics
Messy Creamsicle
54 minute hole show & 153 images
Property Of The U.S.A.
18 audition photos
Tren Skyler - Audition Pics
 35 minute video and 114 pics
Good Quality Cum
55 minute show & 124 images
My Wet Equipo Body
31 minute workout video &114 pics
Hallway Workout
 20 minute video and 97 pics
Planet Jim's Drawers
40 minute show & 134 photos
Camo Lycra Bottoms
27 minute piss video & 151 pics
Cum And Then Piss
 Download the 36 minute video
Til The Last Drop
See 138 images
Til The Last Drop
36 minute video & 138 pics
Til The Last Drop
This was a HOT show. I threw on a short black tie, a tight cammo shirt, some silky boxers, and my new black thong. I was really ripped and really feeling pumped. I put on my workout gloves and my head band before I blew my load. Join Now and watch me work it
 Save the 47 minute video
Newly Wadd
View 193 pictures
Newly Wadd
47 minute video and 193 pics
Newly Wadd
This was more of a voyeur type show. It was Saturday and I was home alone feeling horny so I fired up my cam and jacked off while checking out some hot porno. It was a great Saturday. It only took me 9 minutes to unload. Then I zipped back up and shut down my cam. Join Now
 Watch my 9 minute jerkoff video
Saturday Silent Stroke
View 81 pictures
Saturday Silent Stroke
9 minute video and 81 pics
Saturday Silent Stroke
This was my first show as a married man. One of my members came up with the title. I mostly chatted with my fans and as we got re-acquainted, I gave them the famous STR8cam ending...a big fat load of warm wet spunk. Join Now for instant access to all my videos
 Download the 49 minute video
Married Man Meat
See 183 pictures
Married Man Meat
49 minute video and 183 pics
Married Man Meat
I was eating my chicken & veggies during show time. I gained a few pounds of muscle & I was starving. I ate myself full and then came multiple squirts in the air and down my dick & balls. I felt hungry again afterwards but instead just flexed. Join Now to watch me live
 Watch the 45 minute video
Chew And Spew
View 97 pictures
Chew And Spew
45 minute video and 97 pics
Chew And Spew
One of my members mailed me some bright yellow Spandex underwear and a tight pair of black Spandex Pants. A changed the lighting to better bring out my muscles and shot a thick load right up into the air and back on my lap. it was gooey. Join Now for instant access
 Watch the 45 minute video
Spandex And Muscles
Keep 154 images
Spandex And Muscles
45 minute video & 154 pics
Spandex And Muscles
I was born on April 20th. For my birthday show I wore my favorite suit. Members and fans mailed me gifts and I opened them on cam. Then I shot thick loads on my black Unico underwear and mailed them to a lucky member. Join Now & download and save all my videos
61 minute video
Birthday Suit Show 09
111 pictures
Birthday Suit Show 09
61 minute video & 111 photos
Birthday Suit Show 09
Can you tell it's me... I enjoyed being a little hidden and being a masked muscle man. I had an insane training day and my members wanted to know all about it. I hid behind my mask but everyone knew it was me. I shot cum everywhere... Join Now & watch me live
44 minute video
Masked Muscle Man
231 pictures
Masked Muscle Man
44 minute video & 231 photos
Masked Muscle Man
Many of my members have been requesting floor shows lately. I don't mind being on the floor on all fours. I like the different shots I can get while jacking off and cumming on the floor & not in my chair. Join STR8cam now and watch me shoot my load on all fours
Download the 43 minute video
Floor Cam
See 170 photos
Floor Cam
43 minute video & 170 pics
Floor Cam
I love the holidays. For my Saint Patty's Day show I wore a tall green hat, some green beads, & a tiny green cup that was the perfect size for my jizz squirts. I then jacked off while giving a good show and poured cum on my chest. Join Now & send me your requests
Watch the 42 minute video
Big Irish Leprechaun
See 117 large pics
Big Irish Leprechaun
42 minute video & 117 pix
Big Irish Leprechaun
I was digging around & found some older black Unico undies & my cool shades. I decided to throw them on for a good old fashion jerk off session. Many new members were enjoying the look. The xtube video has been a huge hit. Join Now to download the full version
Watch the 46 minute video
My Cool Shades
See 158 photos
My Cool Shades
46 minute video & 158 pix
My Cool Shades
Birthday shows are always fun. This 1 was special as it was for 1 of my members. A while back Stach mailed me some white Hanes underwear. For his birthday I came on a pair & then mailed them back to him. I love birthdays! Join Now for your birthday celebration
Watch the 36 minute video
Stach's Birthday Britches
See 149 images
Stach's Birthday Britches
36 minute video & 149 pix
Stach's Birthday Britches
Big, beefy, and veiny. I just got back from the gym and I'm ready to let loose. You can see my veins and my baby batter. Live show quality was un-real with a larger video size for my fans. I have been making great improvements to STR8cam. Join Now for all my stuff
Watch the 41 minute video
Big HD Cumshot
See 168 images
Big HD Cumshot
41 minute video & 168 pix
Watch Big HD Cumshot
I don't edge often because I enjoy cumming and I simply can't wait to squirt my load. For this show though I hold my orgasm a few different times. I almost cum but hold back before I blow my wad all down myself. Join Now to have a major edging session with me
Watch the 51 minute video
Major Edging Session
See 155 images
Major Edging Session
51 minute video & 155 pics
Watch my Major Edging Session
For Valentines day my fiancee wanted my cock and balls smooth and suckable. I shaved for my fans and even pissed in the sink on command. I shaved my hole and then jerked my fleshly shaven cock. Join Now and help me guide the ravor
Watch the 63 minute video
Bathroom Shave & Stroke
See 177 images
Bathroom Shave & Stroke
63 minute video & 177 pics
Watch me shave and stroke
Sometimes before bed I will read a good book. I was reading a sex scene and my mind started to wonder. Before long I was jerking my cock and the book was long gone. Damn those great books... Join Now and help me turn the pages
Watch the 38 minute video
What A Great Book
See 100 images
What A Great Book
38 minute video & 100 pics
Read my book & see me cum
I love to hold the camera while I cum. Holding the cam while I jerk off is way more fun. I take my camera and pan all around by body while giving good close ups and an awesome cum shot. Join Now and download Hand Held Cum & see all my photos and videos
Watch the 25 minute video
Hand Held Cum
See 97 photos
Hand Held Cum
25 minute video & 97 pics
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